Palm Beach code enforcement town hallHEADLINES


- Council aims to quell temple, Seminole Avenue parking conflicts

- Rejected all bids for construction of public restrooms at Midtown Beach. All of the bids exceeded the town’s $175,000 cost estimate. Town staff will re-examine the design in search of ways to reduce the cost, and the project will be re-bid, Brazil has said.

- Bids exceed estimates for Midtown Beach restrooms

> Palm Beach County Budget Outlook

- Sheriff pushing budget boost


- $6 Million Agreement Reached to Compensate Marina, City for Flagler Bridge Project

- Surprise Roadbed Discovery Fails to Delay in Water Project Work

> Introducing Our Newest Directors - A Civic Association Series - Stephanie T. Foster

> Conservation Critical to Protect Regional Water Resources


- Public Safety Department Beset with Investigations, Demotions, Pension Cuts, ‘All-Time Low Morale’

- Pension Cuts Take Effect After Stalemate


> Civic Association "Eye on Palm Beach" BridgeCam Now Pointed at Flagler Bridge

> Palm Beach Property Prices Remain Grounded

> Voting Machines: Full of Defects, Easily Hacked

> New, larger Publix Boosts Sales; Dining, Retail Sectors Grow During Season

> Florida Adds Nearly 60,000 Government Jobs Over 10-year Period