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earthquake sendai japanThree days after Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, Eagles Wings president Scott Lewis responded with a team of rapid relief assessment specialists. 

Mr. Lewis updated Palm Beach residents at a Civic Association Japan Relief Symposium last week. 

“Our mission,” he reported, “was to get the disaster from the emergency room to the recovery room.”

“The situation was so volatile that we had to set up remotely, almost a hundred miles away from the disaster area,” he stated.  “The team and I experienced 12 aftershocks between 5.8 – 6.2 on the Richter scale.” 

Eagles Wings is a local non-profit disaster relief foundation.  Their Japan mission:
• Establish local logistic support
• Begin rapid needs assessments
• Establish mass distribution for local survivors
• Establish cooperative operations with Japanese local resources
Scott Lewis2“Once donations here are made and supplies are purchased, they are funneled through 204 local Japanese churches, using 13 staging areas and various Japanese NGOs [Non-Governmental Organizations] throughout the country,” Lewis said. “100% of donations received are used to purchase critical goods in-country, and then rapidly distributed by local organizations. Eagles’ Wings doesn’t have any employees so all donations go to the folks who need it in the disaster area.”

The trip was cut short for Lewis and his team of disaster relief specialists due to increasing threats of radiation exposure. 

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