The dismantling of the old Flagler Memorial Bridge continues and barges are taking the concrete and steel sections to build four artificial reefs.

“This is an ongoing process of only one of many Flagler artificial reef barges, giving new life to Flagler Bridge,” said Bob Holuba, a Civic Association director.  “The old bridge will nourish the sea surrounding Henry Flagler's beloved island paradise, Palm Beach.”

Photo: Bob Holuba

These artificial reefs will create an ocean bottom habitat for fish, especially bottom feeders. The site's coordinates are marked and shown below.  

“Sport fishing boats and divers will fish over these sea bottom locations in years to come where a stable fish population will be created and sustainable, said Mr. Holuba.

Palm Beach County Environmental Resources Management Video [0:30]

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Flagler Bridge Artificial Reefs

FlaglerBridgeArtificialReef1Flagler Bridge Reef Jupiter
Depth: 38'
GPS Coordinates:
26° 57.728 N.

Flagler Bridge Palm Beach Reefs
All Depths: 45'
Flagler Bridge Reef 1
26° 45.264 N
80° 01.554 W

Flagler Bridge Reef 2
26° 45.240 N
80° 01.440 W
Flagler Bridge Reef 3
26° 45.491 N
80° 01.501 W

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