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The Civic Association Town Beautification Committee met this week. 

John Corey, from Palm Beach Walks, reviewed the North County Road tree Initiative and answered questions from the committee members. Bill Metzger updated the committee on the recently completed Town Square project. 

PBCA BeautificationCommitteeMtg11 29 16 w600The Town Square was the winner of the 2016 Civic Association Town Beautification Award.

The committee discussed the following: Bradley Park, Poinciana Plaza, Recreation Center, and candidates for the Civic Association’s 2017 Town Beautification Award.

In attendance: Christine Aylward, John Corey, Isabel Furlaud, Deborah O’Kain, Pat Mclaughlin, and Catherine Zieman.  Also present: special guest Bill Metzger, and Civic Association representatives Ned Barnes and Susan Keenan.