Shoppers and walkers now have some shade when they stroll North County Road. A permanent plaque was installed this week showing the names of the donors on the project [Names listed below]. See the VIDEO.

John David Corey, head of Palm Beach Walks, the Palm Beach Civic Association, and the Town of Palm Beach worked together to plant the trees.

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WPTV-NBC5 [1.03]

North County Road Tree Initiative Donors

Trees2 w400Thank you to the following donors! Names on the plaque:

Sophia, Vivienne and Julian Angle
The Aylward Family
Gregory and Susie Belton
Craig Bernick, Peter Bernick, Lizzy Bernick
Ellen and Ronald Block Family
Rita and Charles Bronfman
Eileen and Brian Burns and Family
Paula and Bob Butler
John D. Corey and Miguel Rosales
Mary and Marvin Davidson
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Dennis
Jennifer and David Fischer
Gwen Fisher
Andrew and Nancy Frazier
The Frisbie Family
Judith S. Giuliani
Eleanor N. Goodman
Allison Gulbrandsen
Anne and Matt Hamilton
Gregory and Mardi Hayt
Mrs. Philip Hulitar
Eva Jacobi
Eric and Margaretha Javits
Henni and John Kessler
Michele and Howard Kessler
Terry Allen Kramer
Howard and Patricia Lester
Charyl, Patrick, Nick, Christopher LeTorneau
Renee and Bill Lickle in memory of Ann Blades
The Honorable and Mrs. Earl I Mack
Sondra and David S. Mack
Jocelyn and Robin Martin
Ed and Pat McLaughlin
Elizabeth and Amanda Meigher
Edward and Sandra Meyer Foundation, Inc.
Don and Patsy Mintmire
Palm Beach Civic Association
Lee and Harvey L. Poppel
Katharine and William Rayner
Sandy and Bob Rogers
Leslie Rose
Matt and Tracy Smith Foundation
Bob and Christine Stiller
Norma and Bill Tiefel
The Vecellio Family
Ethel and Robert Weiner
Suzanne and Bob Wright