The Civic Association has launched a pilot Neighbor to Neighbor Facebook Group in part of the North End of Palm Beach as an online way for neighbors to interact and share information. Tell us what you think please!!

Online neighborhood groups are opening in communities throughout the country so the Palm Beach Civic Association is launching a pilot in Palm Beach to see if it can be helpful for neighbors. We are calling it Neighbor to Neighbor.

EastInletGroupArticleCover w600 EThis first pilot is on the North End of the island from East Inlet Drive to Bahama Lane - all the neighborhoods north of the Palm Beach Country Club.

Members post about neighborhood news and events, activity on your street that would be of interest to your neighbors, and also about safety and crime. These groups have helped find missing pets, stop burglars and vandalism, and also allows the community to stay more in touch.

Need a babysitter that your neighbors know and trust? Post a request on the group. Need help putting up your hurricane shutters or need to borrow a taller ladder? Post a request on the group.

Any of the typical information that neighbors would talk about face-to-face is info that others on your surrounding streets might want to know or discuss.

Neighbors2 w300Use the group to grow the bonds of friendship between you and your neighbors. It can be an avenue for taking online relationships and converting them into real-life interaction. You can plan block or beach parties or even use the group to find someone to water your plants while you are away.

Be careful to only post information you want available to the public, and remember that some members of your neighborhood may not be on Facebook. Don’t forget to invite your offline neighbors to any events you plan. Also, Facebook’s recent newsfeed changes mean that all the information on the group’s page may not be distributed equally to all group members.

How to Join

Facebookhz2To join the E. Inlet Drive to Bahama Lane Neighbor to Neighbor Group, use Facebook and click on “+ Join Group” at the top of the page and give us your home address in the area from E. Inlet Drive to Bahama Lane in Palm Beach. One of the administrators will review your request to join and if your address is within the neighborhood we’ll accept your request.

You’ll be able to post anytime you want after your request to join is accepted. Share the group with your neighbors using the share button.


Rules at the Start

- This page is for neighbors, by neighbors only, and should be about your neighborhood and helpful issues and services in your area.
- We will not allow builders, Homeowners Associations, vendors or others that don't live in the neighborhood on the group page.
- We will not allow fake, anonymous, or spam accounts.
- Please avoid posting about politics and religion.
- Letting neighbors know about crime is a great help but if you see a public safety issue, CALL 911. If there is an official notice shared by the police to inform the public of a danger, please share it!
- Please do NOT post photos of people you “suspect” of doing things you do not approve of.