Michael Reiman

On the morning of October 3, 2014, Jeremy Holland, the property manager of The President condominium in the Town of Palm Beach, was shot in the head by an alleged disgruntled former employee.  A resident of the condominium, Michael Reiman, took immediate action to render first aid to Mr. Holland.  Mr. Reiman is credited by Town of Palm Beach Fire Rescue with saving Mr. Holland’s life.

Click Below to See the Video [8:20 min.]

At the Civic Association 2015 Annual Meeting at the Flagler Museum, Mr. Reiman was honored with the Raymond J. Kunkel Award for Heroism.

“Mr. Reiman, the Palm Beach Civic Association thanks you for your quick, heroic action in this horrible crisis.” Said Paul Leone, a Civic Association Director and Kunkel Foundation committee member.  “You stepped up and saved a life on October 3, and we commend you for your bravery and your willingness to get involved.”

Mr. Leone added, “Residents like you make us proud to live in Palm Beach, and we would like to honor you this morning by presenting you with the Raymond Kunkel Award for heroism, and a check for $3,000.”


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