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James Patterson

James Patterson is on a mission to make books matter

"There's no evidence at this stage that the great books in our culture can be produced through the Internet right now," says bestselling writer James Patterson.

"If the equivalent of 'Ulysses' came along, out it would go on the Internet, it would get like about 12 Fs in a row — 'I couldn't get through the first page,' 'Couldn't get through the first chapter,' F-F-F-F-F, and 'Ulysses' would disappear."

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James Patterson completes $1 million in donations to independent bookstores

Bestselling writer James Patterson has fulfilled his promise to donate $1 million to independent bookstores.

With a final dispensation of about $437,000 to 81 stores, he has donated the complete amount. When Patterson first announced his idea, he stipulated that the store would need to be “viable” and have a children’s section in order to qualify for a donation.

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Patterson gives bookstore a boost with $5,000 grant

Money will go toward upgrading computer system at Palm Beach Book Store.

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Like author, like son: Patterson finds narrator in the family

Best-selling author James Patterson had an easy time last summer finding someone to narrate the audiobook for his children’s book House of Robots.

He turned to his 16-year-old son, Jack.

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