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In a whirlwind of activity today in the Civic Association Community Conference Room by a team of the Zika Task Force and volunteers from the Fire Department, residents, and Civic Association directors and members; a thousand Zika Kits were packaged and ready to distribute next week.

Zika Kits will be available to Town of Palm Beach residents at the Fire Departments on Thursday, November 3, 2016. They include:

  • ZikaKitsIMG 6617CC w600Town brochure on Mosquito Bite and Breeding Control that explains how to prevent Zika, what the virus is, the types and uses of mosquito repellents, and how to prevent mosquito breeding on your property.
  • A supply of Natular Mosquito Larvicide tablets for outdoor use
  • Instruction card on how to use the larvicide tablets

The Zika Kits are one component of the integrated plan to try and prevent the Zika Virus in the Town of Palm Beach.  Stay tuned for more news from the Civic Association. 

Click Here to go to the Town of Palm Beach Zika Webpage

The End Results Ready to Go

MaggieZikaKitsIMG 6630
Maggie Zeidman, Town Councilwoman and Chair of the Zika Taskforce