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Florida's history of fighting off mosquito-borne outbreaks puts the state in perhaps better position than most when it comes to the Zika virus.

Florida's warm climate, year-round mosquitoes and revolving door of international travelers make it vulnerable to the Zika virus, but local governments aggressively urge people to dump or cover anything on their property that holds water so they don't end up raising mosquitoes that spread the virus through bites.

A rainy, humid winter already had mosquito control officials on alert statewide and door-to-door inspections have been increased in neighborhoods where 12 cases of Zika were reported, all from people who have traveled abroad.

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Scripps Florida verticalScripps Florida Researching Zika Virus

The Zika virus is now causing a health emergency.  Two months ago most of us had never even heard of it.

Now, five Florida counties are under a public health emergency.  The race for answers continues, one that is actually happening right in our back yard with Scripps Florida.

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