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New Florida Statute on Automatic Sprinklers

Florida Statutes (Ch. 373.62) now require that “any person who purchase and installs an automatic sprinkler system shall… install a rain sensor device or switch which will override the irrigation cycle of the sprinkler system when adequate rainfall has occurred.”

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Response Strong to Palm Beach Civic Association Launch of Smart Irrigation Campaign in the Town of Palm Beach

PALM BEACH – The first Smart Irrigation Workshop is being held at the Civic Association in the Paramount Building at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, September 28. Speakers will be:

·        Mike Brown, Communications Director, Palm Beach Civic Association
·        Jesus Rodriquez, Water Conservation Officer, South Florida Water Management District
·        Paul Brazil, Director, Town of Palm Beach Public Works
·        Representatives from four Smart Controller vendors

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Civic Association Smart Irrigation Study Shows 20%-40% Water Savings

Water Saving Measures Would Pay Off For Residents and Town

The Palm Beach Civic Association has just completed a research project on Smart Controller Irrigation to see if the latest water conservation technology would be worth implementing in the Town of Palm Beach. The study shows the average water savings for residents using smart controllers could be 40% or more.

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Water Has Reached Above Average Levels

The Month of May was the wettest month on record and filled the Everglades and aquifer to above average levels and is filling Lake Okeechobee. The lake is at 11.78 ft., still down over a foot from historical averages but in good shape coming off a record drought. Water restrictions will stay at twice a week.

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Palm Beach Civic Association Presents Water Resources Demand Analysis to the Town of Palm Beach

PALM BEACH – David Rosow, Town Council President, asked the Civic Association to help study how water is being used so that the town can make plans to meet the future needs of Palm Beach.  The Civic Association Water Committee completed the analysis and presented to the Town Water Committee today. The presentation was given by Civic Association Director and Water Committee Co-Chair Harvey L. Poppel.

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Water Restrictions in the Town of Palm Beach

Two-day-a-week residential and business landscape restrictions are in place.  Landscape irrigation restrictions apply to all properties without regard to size or source of water (i.e. utility or private well).

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