Sprinkler RainbowsResidents who water their lawns with so-called “smart” or advanced irrigation systems* may soon be able to get a waiver from town-imposed watering rules during periods when there is no drought.

The town could not, however, grant the waiver during times when the South Florida Water Management District has imposed restrictions to conserve water during a drought.

Mayor Gail Coniglio and Town Manager Peter Elwell reached the understanding with the water district last week. Water district spokesman Gabe Margasak said it didn’t change its rules to accommodate the town, but clarified existing rules to allow for the waiver.

The town and Palm Beach Civic Association have been working to promote conservation by encouraging more residents to switch to advanced irrigation.

Advanced irrigation systems use conservation sprinkler nozzles and weather-based controllers that replace clock timers to regulate when and how much water is applied to each zone of a lawn.

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*Water restrictions could be lifted for those using Advanced Irrigation Systems. The smart controllers or soil moisture sensors will help a property owner save between 40% and 80% of the water they use if left to run as designed, instead of operating with time and date water restrictions.