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Clear Lake AerialThe source of West Palm Beach's drinking water "will probably be exhausted" by March and the city will not be allowed to pull water from its well field in violation of its permit, as it did to weather this year's drought, regional water managers warned the city commission Tuesday.

"I think you need to approach this with the concept that you're facing a significant event and do everything you can and we're going to do everything we can do to help," said Scott Burns, the water shortage incident commander at the South Florida Water Management District. "I think you need to plan on alternatives and that those sources won't be there."

City Utilities Director David Hanks offered alternatives.

Hanks said the best the city can do is keep water levels as high as possible at its water sources: the Grassy Waters Preserve, Lake Mangonia and Clear Lake . The way to do that: use less water.

"Our best solution is if we can decrease demand on the system," Hanks said.

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