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Harvey L PoppelIn a letter delivered this week to the top 100 water users in the Town of Palm Beach, Civic Association Director and Water Resources Committee Chair Harvey L. Poppel, encouraged them to lead the way in the Town and retrofit their sprinkler systems to Smart Irrigation.

The letter is below.  To see the news and other attachments referred to in the letter, please go to our Water webpage:



July 25, 2011

Dear Palm Beacher:

We noticed that certain Palm Beach residences are being publicized (see enclosure) as our Town’s heaviest water users during this period of extreme drought.  And, we wanted to alert you that your property is on the water utility list of the 100 top water users in Town.   Nearly all of this publicity has been highly negative.

Fortunately, there is a way to reverse this notoriety.  Some 85%+ of larger residential water consumption is for irrigation. And, we at the Palm Beach Civic Association have been advocating a relatively simple way to conserve as much as 50% of irrigation use without any adverse impact on lawns and other landscaping. As one of the Town’s most prominent users, you can help us lead the way.

The enclosed materials describe mechanisms for Smart Irrigation Technology (“SIRT”) which can be readily installed by one of our local irrigation contractors. There are two principal elements:

• A smart irrigation controller—uses various meteorological readings to program the exact amount of irrigation water needed each day by zone automatically

• Water-conserving nozzles—distributes water in a way which avoids wasteful evaporation and/or runoff.

I and other local residents including Bob Vila, Mike Stein, and David Rosow have installed SIRT and achieved 30%-60% savings in our water use. In my case, the payback period on SIRT was only seven months.

Not only does SIRT save water and money but it eliminates the common overwatering that leads to poor plant health, runoff and environmental harm.

In addition to having prepared the enclosed materials, Mike Brown, Communications Director at the Palm Beach Civic Association (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 561-655-0820) would be pleased to answer your questions and/or to advise you or your property manager personally regarding next steps.

Many thanks for considering this.

Harvey L. Poppel
Chairman, Palm Beach Civic Association Water Resources Committee