Below are a few of the important Q's and A's about Smart Irrigation:

Q: How much water is used Town-wide by the 3,300 property owners with City Water Bills?

A: Town-wide, we currently consume a staggering 2.5 billion gallons of water per year—roughly 80% for landscaping—at an annual cost of $11.4 million.

Q: How much water can be saved by implementing a Smart Irrigation ordinance in Town?
A: Smart irrigation technology has been indisputably proven to slash water consumption by 25%-60% in a variety of communities throughout the U.S. Indeed, this technology has never failed to meet expectations. Early results from those in Palm Beach who have installed the technology over the past year show savings of 40%-60%.
Q: If the Town implements a Smart Irrigation Ordinance, will it be able to conserve enough water to not have to build an additional $100 million to $220 million water plant at taxpayer expense?

A: Installed Town-wide, “smart irrigation” systems will save residents, businesses and Town agencies some billion gallons of water and several millions of dollars per year, without affecting the beauty of our island.

Q: What state has a mandatory state law to use Smart Irrigation Controllers?
A: This year, California mandates that only Smart Irrigation Controllers can be sold and installed in the state.  No "Clock-Timer" Controllers are allowed.  Smart Controllers have been in use in California, Texas, and many states for 10 years.