By: R. Michael Brown, Civic Association Communications Director

“We have good news about smart irrigation in the Town of Palm Beach.” said Harvey L. Poppel, Civic Association Director and Water Resources Committee Chairman at the Town Water Committee meeting on April 26.  “Mainly as an outgrowth of public-awareness activities conducted by the Civic Association, Smart Irrigation Technology (SIRT) installations are proliferating in Town.”

The updated numbers since that meeting are:

• Smart Controller Installations                56
• Smart Controller Proposals                    43
• New Conservation Sprinkler Heads    11,135+

Many of the installations are condos but more single family properties are coming online.

Notable installations are the remodeled Poinciana Chapel, Town Council President and Town Water Committee Chairman David Rosow’s property, Mr. Poppel’s property, and Civic Association Director and Healthcare Committee Co-Chair Mike Stein’s property. Early results are showing a 50% savings on water bills. 

The Town Water Committee members, David Rosow and Gail Coniglio, thanked the Civic Association for researching, developing, and launching this program. 

Committee members then pointed out it was time for the Town of Palm Beach to take over the program from the Civic Association.  Over 20 property owners have signed up to have a Town sponsored “before and after” smart irrigation water bill analysis.  Others residents are being solicited to join this pilot program.

Mr. Poppel urged that property owners, gardeners, landscape contractors, irrigation contractors, property managers, and landscape architects be fully educated on the benefits of smart irrigation.  He strongly recommended the Town pass ordinances requiring smart irrigation for all Town residents. 

The Water Committee agreed with Mr. Poppel and instructed Town staff to draft a smart irrigation ordinance for the Town Council’s consideration this summer.  Mr. Poppel promised the Civic Association would continue to educate property owners on the benefits of smart irrigation.