Get the Town Variance from Day-of-Week Water Restrictions


Palm Beach Town officials and the Civic Association are asking property owners to  consider installing an “advanced irrigation system” (AIS) on your property to save money and help Palm Beach conserve water.

Current local AIS users report a huge savings of 40% to 60% on their water bills, healthier landscaping and a payback averaging under a year.

To further water conservation, the Town recently passed an ordinance that will give you a variance from day-of-week watering restrictions if you have an AIS installed.  That means no more code enforcement fines and your system will water only when your landscaping needs it.


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Why is this important even now when we have just had lots of rain?  Wet weather actually wastes more water than drought periods because chances are your rain gauge (if any) doesn’t work and even when it does, your system will continue to water excessively in the days immediately before and following rain.  AIS corrects that problem.

Your Palm Beach Neighbors Have Installed Systems – Here’s What They are Saying

Steve Ross Property

“The last few years, because of the drought we’ve experienced here, the cost of watering a garden has gone sky high!  With our advanced irrigation system our water bill has gone down between 40 and 50 percent.”  --Bob Vila

“I can’t believe our water bill went down from so many thousands to so many hundreds. And for this big property, the water bill is so reasonable, I can’t believe it.” --Nassrine Traverse

“At our condo complex we had an actual savings of $6,000 – over a million gallons of water – in less than six months." --Ned Fleming, Dorchester Property Manager

“The savings have been about 60 per cent. That’s quite a bit. When you have a yard this size, that’s a lot of water and money. If everybody would do this on the island, the savings in water conservation would be amazing!” –Alberto Cano, Property Manager for the Steve Ross Home

Some Important Facts

• Town of Palm Beach residents and businesses currently consume a staggering 2+ billion gallons of water per year—roughly 80% for landscaping—at an annual cost of nearly $11 million.  The average Palm Beach single-family residence uses nearly 1,100 gallons per day, over four times the Florida average.

• Those in Palm Beach who have installed the technology over the past few years show savings of 40%-60%.

• Landscape professionals report that Palm Beachers overwater--harming the health of their gardens and lawns by too much irrigation.  Perhaps even worse, overwatering leads to runoff of soil and chemicals which pollute our nearby waters. Installed Town-wide, AIS would save some billion gallons of water and several millions of dollars per year without impacting the beauty of our island, while enhancing our environment.

• The cost of an “advanced irrigation” controller ranges from $200 for a small property to $2,000+ for a large single-family residence property.  AIS is usually easy to install—“plug compatible” with existing wiring and irrigation piping. Once tuned, these systems require only an annual checkup which can be done in concert with checking out nozzle coverage.  Based on a wealth of empirical data, the typical payback should be under a year.

• For multi-family properties—condo and apartment buildings—quick payback periods are equally impressive.

How to Get the Town Variance from Day-of-Week Watering Restrictions

It’s pretty easy. Follow the links to the Town of Palm Beach documents to help you apply for the town variance from day-of-the-week water restrictions:

Advanced Irrigation Variance Program Letter from the Town of Palm Beach

Advanced Irrigation Variance Application [for Property Owner or Manager]

Advanced Irrigation Variance Certification [for Irrigation Contractor]

Frequently Asked Questions


To proceed, call your irrigation contractor—he/she is very aware of the new ordinance and expert in AIS installations. But be encouraged to speak to Mike Brown at the Palm Beach Civic Association if you need further information or clarification.

Please consider joining the Town of Palm Beach and Civic Association in this conservation effort by installing an AIS at your property and making it another showcase for Palm Beach.  Your leadership in this area would be so valuable.  If you would take this important step, many others in the community would surely follow.

Thanks to Civic Association sponsors for helping us by underwriting this public awareness campaign:

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