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The Town of Palm Beach has produced a video highlighting the smart irrigation system that was installed on Worth Avenue.

Living Wall SprinklersThe Worth Avenue smart irrigation system was installed in 2011 to irrigate the living wall and landscaping along the Avenue.In 2010, the Town Council adopted an ordinance that requires all new irrigation systems installed in Palm Beach to include an “advanced irrigation controller.”

Click below to watch Smart Irrigation video [3:52]

The advanced irrigation controller receives and processes weather related information to ensure that water is not applied to landscaping when it is not needed and that sufficient water is applied when required. The ordinance was adopted in an effort to promote conservation of precious resources and to provide maximum flexibility during times of drought when water restrictions are implemented in this region.

In 2013, the Town Council adopted Code provisions that would allow residents who have installed advanced irrigation controllers to obtain a variance from day-of-week watering restrictions and enable their irrigation systems to operate more efficiently.