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The Civic Association Water Committee met this week and Scott Kelly, West Palm Beach Assistant City Administrator in charge of utilities, made a presentation on the progress of the water system for the Town of Palm Beach.

Scott KellyA highlight summary of what Mr. Kelly reported:

Comprehensive and Sophisticated Long-Range Planning Effort Complete for Water System.

With actions recently taken and using a set of “high-diversity” actions going forward to expand water supplies, we can withstand major future droughts for at least the next 20 years.

On top of new operational practices and disciplines recently instituted, the troubled water-treatment plant will be overhauled in place starting this spring using ultra-violet disinfection technology which will assure water quality and safety going forward.

The water-distribution system is being monitored and controlled more tightly which has started to yield fewer unforeseen major water disruptions, tighter planning of underground facility replacements and better drinking-water aesthetics (taste/odor).

These new actions have eliminated the need for bond raises over the next 10-20 years and led to an upgrade in the rating of current outstanding bonds. Concomitantly, the City has cancelled two planned rate-hikes--All this while boosting the funding of annual repair and replace activities by nearly 50%.

The City Of West Palm Beach has initiated conservation actions in West Palm Beach including new ordinances patterned after those enacted in our Town and a new WaterSmart consumer usage-feedback software to spur conservation

Mr. Kelly is offering Committee members the opportunity to trial the new WaterSmart system.

Civic Association Water Committee Members:

  • Harvey Poppel, Chair
  • Christine Aylward
  • Jack Borland
  • Harris Fried
  • Terry Levine
  • Robin Martin
  • Brian McIver
  • Deborah O’Kain
  • Brandon Reid
  • Bob Vila

The Water Resources Committee, chaired by Harvey L. Poppel, addresses water resource issues in the Town of Palm Beach. The group promotes water-saving measures and engages the City of West Palm Beach and other water providers on water quality issues and conservation.