PALM BEACH – The latest Smart Irrigation Workshop was held at the Civic Association in the Paramount Building on Thursday, October 22. There was standing-room only again with over 40 attendees to hear:

• Mike Brown, Communications Director, Palm Beach Civic Association
• Jesus Rodriquez, Water Conservation Officer, South Florida Water Management District
• Jim Bowser, engineer of the Town of Palm Beach Public Works Department
• Representatives from four Smart Irrigation/ Controller vendors:
    - Hunter Industries
    - Rain Bird
    - Tucor
    - WeatherTRAK

Condo presidents, commercial property owners, Town residents, property managers, and Town irrigation companies, representing their clients, attended.

The vendors pointed out the best solution to save the maximum amount of water is a system-wide analysis and implementation.  But they also presented that just by changing sprinkler heads to the more efficient new technology nozzles and using an accurately programmed smart controller, that savings would be significant: 30% - 60% or more.

Their presentations can be found at our webstie:

Jim Bowser encouraged property owners to signup for the Pilot program which is an analysis of before and after water bills so we can measure the results by using Smart Irrigation technology.

Jesus Rodriguez talked about the need for towns to implement Smart Irrigation and water conservation programs because it’s cheaper than paying for more and new infrastructure to get more water.

With both water supplies and budget dollars significantly stressed, community leaders and property owners are turning to Smart Irrigation, the "low-hanging fruit" green initiative that:

• Pays for itself
• Conserves water and energy
• Promotes healthy landscapes
• Will reduce the need for a new estimated $160 million dedicated water plant for the Town of Palm Beach – thus lowering the need for a major tax assessment for this capital expense

The Civic Association in the Town of Palm Beach has announced a public awareness and education campaign including Smart Irrigation Workshops, email blasts, direct mail, civic group presentations around town, and a property owner telephone call program to implement smart controllers and irrigation in the Town.

“I really learned so much,” said Pauline, manager at the Beach Point Condominium Association.  “I've spoken to a couple of the other managers and they will come to the November workshop.”

Space is still available for future workshops. To make a reservation call: 561-655-0820.


- Thursday, November 19, 2009 | 10:00 am

Everyone Welcome!

Location: Palm Beach Civic Association Community Room
139 N. County Road, Palm Beach, FL 33480

Limited Seating. Sign Up Today!

Call the Civic Association to make a reservation: 561-655-0820

To find out more about Smart Irrigation in the Town of Palm Beach, see the new website:

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