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99% of Palm Beach County Currently Under Drought Conditions

The South Florida Water Management District is reporting that the wet season rainfall continues to be below average across the district’s 16-county area, with Broward and Miami-Dade counties experiencing the largest rainfall deficit of more than 7 inches below normal as of mid-July.  SFWMD says that Palm Beach County is down 11.3 inches of rain for the year.

With water levels continuing to fall, SFWMD water managers have stepped up planning to managing worsening drought conditions.

An answer to the worsening condition in the Town of Palm Beach is to install an Advanced Irrigation System (AIS).

Palm Beach Town officials and the Civic Association are asking property owners to consider installing an advanced irrigation system on your property to save money and help Palm Beach conserve water.

Current local AIS users report a huge savings of 40% to 60% on their water bills, healthier landscaping, and a payback averaging under a year.

To further water conservation, the Town recently passed an ordinance that will give you a variance from day-of-week watering restrictions if you have an AIS installed. There is no fee to apply for the permit.  Once your variance is approved, that means no more code enforcement fines and your system will water only when your landscaping needs it.

To find out more about the Advanced Irrigation Variance Program, go to the Town website by clicking here.

See the video below to learn more about Advanced Irrigation Systems