Effective immediately, the Town of Palm Beach waives the one-time $300 Advanced Irrigation Variance Application fee for all property owners seeking relief from days-of-the-week watering restrictions.

The Town Council decided to waive such fee during its regular meeting on February 10, 2015, as a means of encouraging the growth of advanced irrigation systems.

Advanced Irrigation, also known as Smart Irrigation, are landscape watering systems that are equipped with smart controllers capable of monitoring localized weather and soil conditions. These controllers turn irrigation on and off as necessary to optimize the consumption of water.

Smart systems save water, save energy, save money and help save the environment. They are modest in cost, and result in immediate savings.

Once a system is properly installed and certified by an irrigation contractor, the owner can apply to the Town's Planning, Zoning, & Building Department for a "Variance" that exempts the owner from Code-prescribed days-of-the-week watering restrictions. Each approved variance is valid for one year. The system must be re-certified annually in order for the variance to remain valid.

The no-charge Variance application procedure remains valid for one year only (due to sunset on February 10, 2016).

Additional information is available at the Planning, Zoning & Building Department’s webpage on the Town's website (townofpalmbeach.com), by phone to (561) 838-5431 or by visiting the Planning, Zoning & Building Department in Town Hall, 360 S. County Road.

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Decision an incentive for residents to install water-saving devices.