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North Ocean Boulevard Seawall Replacement Project

North Ocean Boulevard Seawall Replacement Project

PALM BEACH, Florida – On Monday, April 6, 2015, Burkhardt Construction will begin work on North Ocean Boulevard between Country Club Road and Bahama Lane, along the seawall just east of the Palm Beach Country Club. The project includes replacing the seawall and significant portions of North Ocean Boulevard adjacent to the seawall.

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Civic Association Survey Results: Taxi / Limo or Uber

 Limo or Uber

Survey By: Harvey L. Poppel, Civic Association Director

This survey was conducted online by the Palm Beach Civic Association over a 6-day period ending March 2, 2015. Of the nearly 200 who responded, slightly more than half are over 65 and 80% spend the majority of their time in Palm Beach.

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UPDATE: Grand Celebration Arrives in Port of Palm Beach

Grand Celebration

New Port of Palm Beach Cruise Ship Arriving Today, But Size is a Concern.

The newest cruise ship to operate out of the Port of Palm Beach has arrived, but some are concerned the larger vessel is too big to safely navigate the inlet.

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Get Your Real ID or You Can't Board Flights!

You will need a REAL ID  on your Florida Drivers License (or whatever state drivers license you hold - this is a federal law) to board a commercial flight or enter a federal building.  That includes court houses (jury duty etc.).

The REAL ID Act, a federal homeland security measure [ The REAL ID Law ] was passed to fight terrorism and reduce fraud.

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This Week in Palm Beach 11-7-2014



- Voters turn out at island polling places
- Marijuana Amendment Falls Short Of Needed 60 Percent
- Atwater, Bondi, Putnam Return To Florida Cabinet
> Elder Care Forum
> Board of Directors Luncheon and Fall Business Meeting
- Flagler Bridge ReOpens on Schedule
- Town Secures OK To Keep Bridge Cameras

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