You will need a REAL ID  on your Florida Drivers License (or whatever state drivers license you hold - this is a federal law) to board a commercial flight or enter a federal building.  That includes court houses (jury duty etc.).

The REAL ID Act, a federal homeland security measure [ The REAL ID Law ] was passed to fight terrorism and reduce fraud.


Your passport will not get you on a flight in the U.S.  You must have the REAL ID gold star on your drivers license.

Real ID Composite 2

Many may update their licenses online between now and the December1, 2014 or December 1, 2017 deadlines AND NOT HAVE THE REAL ID GOLD STAR. Don't be surprised at the airport!  You won't be able to board commercial flights!

You can only update your drivers license in-person to get the REAL ID Gold Star.

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Check with your state of residence (whatever state your drivers license is from) to see how they have implemented REAL ID on their drivers licenses.