Florida Public Utilities Company (FPU) will begin working Monday, May 2, 2016 at 8 AM on North County Road, West Indies Drive, Plantation Road, Crest Road, Clarke Avenue and Via Sunny as described below:

TrafficAlertAd w350[Town of Palm Beach News Release ] -- Installation of gas line service connections on: North County Road, between Cherry Lane and Fairview Road; West Indies Drive, between North County Road and North Lake Way; Plantation Road, between North Lake Way and Crest Road; Clarke Avenue, between South Ocean Boulevard and Cocoanut Row; North County Road and Sunset Avenue intersection and Via Sunny to Cocoanut Row.

Access will be granted to homeowners and local traffic, directed by flaggers. Residents may experience road delays due to workmen in the area. Please keep the street free of automobiles, landscape trimmings and debris, to the extent possible.

During this period, crews will be replacing bare steel natural gas lines with polyethylene pipe in conjunction with the Company’s Gas Reliability Infrastructure Program (GRIP). There may be a short interruption of service as gas distribution is exchanged. Every effort will be made to forewarn residents of this disruption. If residents are home at the time of the interruption, gas will be turned on immediately. A tag will be left for the homeowner, if they are not in residence at this time, instructing them to call for prompt response.

FPU will make every effort to minimize any inconvenience to the residents of Palm Beach. Normal traffic patterns will resume as quickly as improvements permit.