Limo or Uber

Survey By: Harvey L. Poppel, Civic Association Director

This survey was conducted online by the Palm Beach Civic Association over a 6-day period ending March 2, 2015. Of the nearly 200 who responded, slightly more than half are over 65 and 80% spend the majority of their time in Palm Beach.

The email was sent town-wide to more than 1,600 email addresses* and was opened by 591 (39.3%). Of the email’s opened, 170 completed the survey. A total of 28 completed the survey on for a grand total of 198 total responses.

Executive Summary
To summarize the highlights, our respondents are very aware of Uber, most have used the service and like its features. Roughly 90% of those who have used the service do not want to see it regulated like the taxi/limo business. About half of these would like to see some minimal regulation.

Key Findings

  • 98% responded they were aware of Uber before taking the survey
  • 77% have used Uber
    • About half of these have used the service in the Palm Beach area.
    • Nearly 70% of Uber users have taken 6 or more Uber trips; the heaviest users were in the under-65 age group.
    • The Black and Uberx services appear to be equally popular.
  • Overall, positive Uber features ("likes") outnumbered dislikes by over 15:1
    • Over 70% of users cited at least 5 Uber features they like with "ease of use" and “automatic payment” the most popular. Low cost was only the 6th most popular feature.
    • The least liked aspects of Uber were “unavailability,” high cost and surge pricing.
  • Of the roughly 1/4th who have not used Uber, personal safety or an existing taxi/limo relationship were most often cited as the reasons.
  • Over 90% of survey respondents use taxi/limo services, although only a tenth of these use them more than 20 times/year.
  • 70% of Uber users have reduced their use of taxi/limo services
    • Nonetheless slightly over half of Uber users still use PB taxi/limo services at least 6 times/year.
    • But only about a fourth of non-Uber users use such services at least 6 time/year.
  • Over 90% of Uber users believe Uber (and “Uber-like” services) should either be unregulated or only subject to "minimal regulations."
    • Only 58% of non-Uber users agree.
    • Over 60% of those who believe in tighter regulations or banning Uber outright have never used the service.

*The email list is not the total town residents. For reference, there are 7,300 physical residential addresses in the Town of Palm Beach and about 7,720 registered voters.

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