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The Civic Association Long Range Planning Committee is conducting an online survey to understand more about how the business community in the Town of Palm Beach is meeting the needs of the residential community.

The survey purpose is to help ensure the Town's business community* suitably contributes to its residents' future quality of life.

You can help the Palm Beach Civic Association by donating just a few minutes to respond to this important short survey.

For every completed response, we will donate $5 to the Friends of Palm Beach, the award-winning non-profit organization responsible for cleaning our beaches.

*For the purposes of this survey the Town's business community is defined as non-governmental organizations which provide goods and services to Town of Palm Beach residents and visitors. Examples of goods provided--groceries, drugs, apparel, jewelry, art, gasoline, furnishings, sundries. Examples of services provided-dining, health, beauty, financial, accounting, legal, real-estate, lodging, cultural, social, charitable.

Click This Link to Take the Survey