By: R. Michael Brown, Civic Association Communications Director -- Maven's opened on Royal Poinciana Way for lunch and dinner in the old Nick & Johnnie’s restaurant space.

Maven serves Nantucket Bay scallops, oysters, and 2.5-pound Maine lobsters. They are serving French and American wines, European, New England and local beers, and “eclectic” cocktails.

"It's so crazy good," said Karen Barney about the restaurant and their Orchid cocktail. "There's an orchid frozen in an ice sphere and it reveals itself as you enjoy the drink."

Ms. Barney likes it so much, she's been there twice already since the opening on Saturday.

MavenGnocchi"The restaurant has a casual but elegant atmosphere with quality food," said Ashley B.C. Frisbie, Managing Director, Marketing & Communications for The Frisbie Group, which developed the restaurant and has strong family ties to Nantucket.

Gnocchi Image: Karen Barney

Maven is a collaboration between Nantucket restaurateur David Silva, chef W. Scott Osif, and director of operations Kevin Anderson. They are known for their Nantucket restaurants Gallery Beach and Afterhouse.

Other openings on the street and nearby are the newly renovated Cucina and the Honor Bar in Royal Poinciana Plaza