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Two candidates will be in the race for a Town Council seat in the March 13 election: Lew Crampton and Harris S. Fried.

Mr. Crampton, a South End resident, chairman of the Citizens’ Association of Palm Beach, and a director at the Palm Beach Civic Association and Mr. Fried, a mid-town resident, an attorney, and former chairman of the Code Enforcement Board, were both nominated Tuesday night to run for the Group 1 seat to be vacated by the retiring Richard Kleid.

South End resident James Sved dropped out of the race earlier in the day.

Councilwomen Margaret Zeidman and Bobbie Lindsay were nominated for new two-year terms in the Group 2 and Group 3 seats they hold, respectively with no opposition for their seats.

Civic Association News was there to get the candidate's perspective. Interviewed were Lew Crampton, Harris Fried, Bobbie Lidsay, and Maggie Zeidman [Civic Association News Video 6:48]:

Town of Palm Beach's 106th Town Caucus from Palm Beach Civic Association on Vimeo.



Two-candidate race emerges at Palm Beach caucus
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