Needles, intravenous pouches and vials of blood are a few examples of the medical waste workers for Friends of Palm Beach have been finding recently while combing the beach for trash, which they do every weekday.

Friends of Palm Beach Founder Diane Buhler said the amount of medical waste on the beach has increased since Tropical Storm Emily.

Photos: Diane Buhler, Friends of Palm Beach, Keeping Our Beaches Clean

“Unfortunately, we’re finding them more often now because of the tropical storms that have passed through already,” she said. “They have wreaked their havoc on the islands and the trash on the islands typically are right on the edge of the beach, so it’s washing it into the ocean.”

DianeBuhlerOnPalmBeach w500Diane Buhler, founder of Friends of Palm Beach, is a non-profit made up of volunteers that clean our beaches every week. To donate to the cause, click the link below: 

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