Jill and David Gilmour, the founder of Fiji Water and a Civic Association Director, invited the Civic Association to tour the Opportunity Early Childhood Center and see the future plans for the Erin H. Gilmour Early Learning Center in the Westgate area of West Palm Beach.

The nationally accredited education center for children living in poverty five miles from Palm Beach broke ground and is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2017.

Image: David Gilmour, PBCA Director, Jill Gilmour, David Guertin of Opportunity Inc.

The Gilmour’s believe that early childhood education is the key to preventing crime, drugs, gangs, hardship, hunger, and welfare dependence. The new center will be larger and modern and will have a capacity for 300 children.

The Gilmour's are inviting donors to be an agent of change in Palm Beach County by investing in Opportunity Early Childhood Education & Family Center’s modern, larger school for children enduring the hardship of hunger, crime, gang violence, and welfare dependence.

“We ask you to become an investor in the only solution to a critical issue facing our community; the vital importance of early childhood education,” said Mr. Gilmour. “Decades of research and science concludes that quality childcare cuts crime. In one 15-year study, low-income children who did not participate in a preschool program were 70% more likely to be arrested for a violent crime by age 18.”

Investment in early childhood education leads to large economic savings. Taxpayers and victims save $7 for every $1 invested. Preschool age children experience profound biological brain development including 90% of their adult brain volume.

Early childhood education improves children’s social and cognitive development, and ensures healthy growth, academic readiness, and moral character.

Opportunity requires parents to actively participate in the education of their children while also providing extended day hours so working families can achieve self-sufficiency. It is proven that early childhood education promotes maternal employment and higher incomes.

If you would like to learn more about Jill and David Gilmour’s commitment to education and health, please watch the video of David’s Palm Beach Civic Association presentation at: VIDEO: Fiji Water Founder David H. Gilmour Talks About His Life to Civic Association Directors & Members

Please request from Mr. Gilmour, a complimentary copy of David’s book, Start Up, and join them in making a life-changing impact on children with the Erin H. Gilmour Early Learning Center.


Opportunity Early Childhood Education & Family Center
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Opportunity Inc. Tour May 4, 2017