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Early Tuesday morning this week at 2 AM, a live powerline snapped and started a fire at 3475 S OCEAN BLVD in Palm Beach.

Fire-Rescue from Palm Beach responded and reported that the line that was down was fully energized and had started the bushes and shrubbery on fire. They cordoned off the area and waited for FP&L to respond.  

After FP&L disconnect power to the down line, the fire was extinguished by Fire-Rescue.  They were on scene for about 52 minutes.


 Photos from Town of Palm Beach Fire-Rescue


Click Below to Play Video (Town of Palm Beach Fire-Rescue Cellphone Video) [42 sec.]

 "This happens all the time in the Town of Palm Beach," said Darrel Donatto, Deputy Fire-Rescue Chief. "Fortunately the downed line only set some bushes on fire and nobody was hurt."

PowerlineFireIMG 1032 w700Chief Donatto said that his team reported that there was some rain earlier in the day but at the time there wasn't a lot of wind or bad weather.

"The line broke in the middle between two poles," he said. "The high voltage end started the blaze."