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TOWN OF PALM BEACH NEWS ALERT - On 01/20/2017 a male posing as a surveyor was able to distract a resident long enough for another criminal to enter the house and steal a safe with numerous valuable items. 

The male posing as the surveyor, knocked on the front door asking to see the property, especially in the back of the property.  The first suspect was able to get the victim to walk around to the back of the house and distract her while the other suspect made entry into the house to steal items.

This is a common practice for criminals to try and gain your trust to let them in or around your property.  They will lie to the homeowner posing as a worker for a lawn care company, surveyor, contractor or salesman in the attempt to distract you long enough for another suspect to gain entry.

If an individual knocks on your door or offers you services that you did not inquire about, do not let them in or go anywhere with them.   Even if they show you credentials or say it is an emergency, do not let them in!  Please contact your local police department or government agency to confirm the legitimacy of the business.

Anyone with information regarding the above incident or similar occurrences, please contact the Palm Beach Police Department at (561)838-5454.