The Civic Association is releasing its online Voters Guide today and mailing the 8-page printed version to Civic Association members next week.  Become a member today to get your free Voters Guide.

The Palm Beach Civic Association is a nonpartisan organization that believes all civic minded citizens will want to make informed decisions in the August 30, 2016 Primary. This Voters Guide details only the candidates on the Palm Beach ballot.

2016 Primary Election Voters Guide CoverELECTION NOT JUST A PRIMARY RACE

Every registered voter in Palm Beach is eligible to vote on the August 30, 2016 primary ballot. That’s a change from the days when primary elections were strictly closed elections for Republicans and Democrats to select their candidates for a November General Election.

This elections cycle, Democrats still have closed Primary Elections on the Primary Ballot for U.S. and State Senator, County Commissioner, and Port of Palm Beach Commissioner. Republicans have closed Primary Ballots for U.S. Senator.

All voters will vote for Public Defender, Judges, Property Appraiser, and Sheriff. Winners (more than 50% of vote) in these races will go into office without having to compete in the General Election in November.

Runoffs, if a candidate doesn’t win more than 50% of the vote, are held during the General Election.

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Thanks to South Florida Grassroots Research, LLC for the online guide on our site.