The Bradley Park redesign was discusses at the Town Council meeting this week. Here are the highlights.

Highlights of the 4.4-acre park include:

BradleyParkProposal w600* Recreational trail connection from the new bridge to the north edge of the Park, paralleling the Intracoastal (paid for from the Town’s Pay-As-You-Go Capital Improvement Program).

* An internal, looped walkway with a stabilized gravel surface.

* Individual, themed-gardens along the north (while still preserving open view to the water).

* A waterfront, “look-out” structure (adjacent to recreational trail).

* Relocation of the existing “Artemis Fountain” to near the existing teahouse.

* A new public restroom adjacent to the teahouse.

* Perimeter concrete sidewalk changes.

* Alterations to the existing asphalt drive to the public works structures near the waterfront.

* Low-profile perimeter fencing (much like Town Square Memorial Park).

Press About the Park Upgrade

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