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UPDATE: North County Road will have a new look this fall.  The Town Council accepted a donation from the Palm Beach Civic Association on Tuesday to pay for a project to add more than two dozen shade trees along the street from Royal Poinciana Way to Park Avenue.

Resident John David Corey, head of Palm Beach Walks, initiated the project last fall to protect pedestrians and create a more pleasant stroll for shoppers along the busy business corridor.

N. County Rd. before and after “I think that when the residents come back for season it’s going to be like a new area of town,” Corey said. “I think people are going to turn that corner and see all these beautiful trees, and feel safer and experience something totally new. We’ve really defined the commercial area really well.”

Over the weekend Daphne Hoge, a resident of Palm Beach, sent this email thanking the Civic Association and John David Corey:

“We would like to express hundreds of residents thanks to the Palm Beach Civic  Association for the installation of shade trees on North County Rd. from Royal Poinciana Way to Park Avenue. It is an important improvement to our daily lives; specifically, the comings and goings by foot, whether visiting our churches and temples, lovely beaches, businesses,  friends and neighbors; we are all indeed grateful for this important act. As we all know, there are many months that the sun and heat takes a hard toll on those who walk on unshaded cement. May I speak for many of us when saying that this project is less about beautification than making our fortunate way of life more livable, for both young and old alike.”
With big thanks,
Daphne Hoge and local neighbors!

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