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Civic Association Directors in the News: Wilbur Ross

Wilbur Ross CNBCEuropean policymakers are taking a page from their American counterparts in dealing with their sovereign debt crisis, a development that investor Wilbur Ross, a Palm Beach Civic Association Director, considers positive. While criticizing Greece for the way it has conducted itself during attempts to keep the nation from default, Mr. Ross said the European Central Bank and others involved in the process are taking positive steps.

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Palm Beach County Budget & Tax News

no new taxes

Organizations like the Town of Palm Beach Civic Association (PBCA) are trying to get the Palm Beach County Government to hold the line on taxes. Stay tuned to this page to see the latest news, reports, and action on the County Budget process.

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Civic Association Letter to the Editor: TaxWatch Report Revealing About County Budget

The Editor
Palm Beach Post
P.O. Box 24700
West Palm Beach, Florida 33416

Dear Sir:

The Florida Taxwatch Center for Local Government Studies reveals that Palm Beach County is carrying sizable reserves well above those of similar counties (see link below).   If this is true, why are County Commissioners considering yet another tax increase when a simple transfer from savings would accomplish the task at hand?

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