TOWN OF PALM BEACH PRESS RELEASE -- Beginning May 6th, a deputy from the property appraiser’s office will be located at the Town’s South Fire Station at 2185 South Ocean Blvd on the first Wednesday of each month at least through the end of the year to collect, and help residents complete, their homestead exemption applications.  The deputy will be in the station at 2 pm and will stay for at least one hour.

In order to qualify for a $25,000 Homestead Property Tax Exemption, you must have legal title on January 1 to a residential property and live there permanently. You must be a permanent resident of Florida on January 1 of the initial application year. You may either apply by mail or in person at any time through the year but the deadline is March 1 of the qualifying year.

A copy of your deed and proof of residency is required. You may submit a copy of your Florida driver's license, voter's registration or permanent residency card.  In lieu of a pending permanent resident alien card, the property appraiser will accept Federal Form I485, "Approval Notice for application to adjust to permanent resident status.”

Other exemptions available are an additional $25,000 Homestead Exemption, Senior Citizen Exemption, $5,000 Disabled Veterans Exemption, Combat-disabled Senior Veterans and the $500 Widow/Widower Exemption.

More information about property tax exemptions for Floridians can be found on the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser’s website at