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no new taxesBREAKING NEWS UPDATE [5/1/2012 - 11:45 a.m.]: The Palm Beach County Commission voted today, 4-3, to postpone the sales tax increase for a year. The commissioners sited public opposition to the referendum as the reason. Thank you to all that sent email to the commissioners!  You did it!


On Tuesday, May 1, the Palm Beach Board of County Commissioners will consider a ballot proposal for a $103M tax increase on sales, raising the current 6% sales tax to 6.5%. If accepted, it will appear on the ballot in November.

The stated purpose is for "transportation spending", but the proposal leaves open the use of these funds for other purposes. The tax will be permanent.  For an analysis of this proposal and links to the county documents, see TAB Opposes Sales Tax Increase

Please join us in opposing this sales tax referendum.  Come to the County Commission meeting on Tuesday and/or email the sample letter below to the County Commissioners.

Clicking on the email address below should automatically include the letter text in the email. If not, please just copy and paste the text below into your email to this address:

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If you prefer, please change the "A concerned Palm Beach County resident" to your name and address.


The Letter:

April 30, 2012

Palm Beach County Commissioners
Palm Beach County, Florida

Dear Commissioners,

On Tuesday, May 1, you will consider a referendum for a 1/2% sales tax increase.  We urge you not to place this proposal on the November ballot.

We oppose this action for the following reasons:
• This is a tax increase. It affects most purchases and services.
• This tax will be permanent. It is not for a specific set of projects and it does not have an end date.
• This tax will be a revenue windfall for the county.  In our current economy, we favor fiscal restraint and government responsibility.
• This tax requires no accountability. The spending isn’t subject to any board, nor does the county have any performance or productivity benchmarks.

We believe that asking the voters to hand over more of their hard-earned money to an open-ended, unspecific, windfall tax is unconscionable.  Please reject this request by the County Administrator and do not put it on the ballot in November.

A concerned Palm Beach County resident


For more information on the issue:

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Your Civic Association representatives will be at the County Commission meeting on Tuesday, May 1 representing you to stop this sales tax increase. We have mobilized our partners and they will be there too!  Stay tuned to this webpage for news concerning this issue.