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Organizations like the Town of Palm Beach Civic Association (PBCA) are trying to get the Palm Beach County Government to hold the line on taxes. Stay tuned to this page to see the latest news, reports, and action on the County Budget process.

EMAIL ALL THE PALM BEACH COUNTY COMMISSIONERS AND TELL THEM NO NEW TAXES! They have raised them over 25% during the last 2 years. Enough is enough!  This email address goes to all the commissioners: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Study was funded in part by the Palm Beach Civic Association

 Voted FOR the tax rate hike:
- Priscilla Taylor
- Shelley Vana
- Burt Aaronson
- Jess R. Santamaria

Voted AGAINST the tax rate hike:
- Karen Marcus
- Steven Abrams
- Paulette Burdick

9/27/11 -- Divided Palm Beach County Commission approves slight rise in property tax rate
A divided Palm Beach County Commission agreed tonight to raise the county's property tax rate by two-thirds of a percent, a move that will leave the government with about $8 million less in revenue next year and force administrators to slash money for road projects. The commission voted 4-3 to set the countywide property tax rate at just over $4.78 for every $1,000 of taxable value, up from this year's rate of $4.75. Commissioners Steven Abrams, Karen Marcus and Paulette Burdick voted against the increase.
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9/15/11 -- Palm Beach County sidestepping sheriff cuts could sacrifice road improvements and bring higher taxes
County Commission has until Sept. 27 to find another $13 million in savings to avoid tax rate increase
In a budget showdown with the sheriff, Palm Beach County commissioners not only blinked, they bowed and curtsied, too. After public backlash to cutting $5 million from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, the County Commission on Tuesday instead left the sheriff's more than $400 million budget alone and agreed to find another $7 million to $13 million in cuts from other county expenses. Sparing the sheriff from any cutbacks likely means tapping more county reserves and shelving some road work and other construction projects. That's on top of almost $20 million in cuts that already reach from parks to road maintenance.

9/15/11 -- Stop Shelley Vana from raising taxes, group says
Two groups in Palm Beach County, South Florida 912 and the newly formed Palm Beach County Tea Party, are kicking off a public education campaign this week to rally constituents in County Commissioner Shelley Vana’s District 3. The new project will be implemented with the hope of persuading Vana not to vote for a tax increase in September. When organizations or special interests want more county taxpayer money, they know exactly what to do. In many cases, they just ask the County Commission, and the funds are awarded generously. If that doesn’t work, they show up at commission meetings in droves, wearing t-shirts, buttons or other means of group identification and plead their case to the seven-member board that doles out county taxpayer money.
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9/15/11 -- Tax hike spares deputies, keeps bus fares flat and nature centers/pools open
The nature centers will stay open after all. So will two public pools that were targeted for closing. Bus fares won’t rise. And Sheriff Ric Bradshaw won’t be forced to slash his $464 million budget proposal. Palm Beach County commissioners chose to spare more than a dozen popular programs and services after a contentious, five-hour public hearing Tuesday night in which supporters of the items packed the commission chamber and spoke against the cuts.
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9/14/11 -- A Surrealistic Budget Hearing
At about 11:00pm Tuesday evening, the County Commission voted to set the county-wide tax rate at $4.79 per $1K valuation. This is up 0.84% over last year – a small increase, but an increase nonetheless. After the last meeting, the rollback rate of 4.8751 was on the table, intended to collect $607M in countywide taxes, $4M more than last year. The new rate will collect $596M, an $11M difference and $7M less than 2011. That is some progress, but going another $5M to flat millage would have sent a signal that the commission “feels your pain”. Any increase, no matter how small, sends the opposite message and all good will is lost. Thank you to Commissioners Abrams, Marcus and Burdick for trying to do the right thing.
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9/13/11 -- Palm Beach County commissioners vote to increase property tax rate
Palm Beach County commissioners voted by their narrowest margin late Tuesday night to increase the countywide property tax rate by less than 1 percent. After more than five hours, the commission voted 4-3 to set the countywide property tax rate at $4.79 for every $1,000 of taxable value, up from this year's rate of $4.75. Commissioners Karen Marcus, Steven Abrams and Paulette Burdick voted against the increase.
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9/12/11 -- Palm Beach County budget vote Tuesday night
Palm Beach County commissioners meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday night to decide whether to increase property tax rates for the third year in a row or order further spending cuts to avoid a $40 million budget shortfall. Tuesday is the first of two County Commission votes on the $4 billion budget that kicks in Oct. 1. The commission’s final scheduled budget meeting is at 6 p.m. Sept. 27. The County Commission last month agreed to consider raising the property tax rate up to nearly 3 percent to go along with about $20 million in spending cuts.
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9/7/11 -- Palm Beach County Commission, sheriff face another budget showdown
Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw and the county commission are heading toward a budget standoff with just a week to go before a vote on increasing property-tax rates. Even after back-to-back years of increases, the county faces a $40 million shortfall blamed on past spending and tax revenues declining amid a struggling economy. To avoid or minimize another tax-rate increase, county officials want Bradshaw to shave at least another $5 million off his more than $400 million budget, which is the county's biggest operating expense.
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9/7/11 --  The 2012 TAB Proposal – September Update
The county has published their First Public Hearing package for the September 13 budget meeting. It presents a budget at the “rollback rate”, a 2.6% increase for the county-wide portion, generating $607M in ad-valorem revenue, and retains the current 2011 tax rate for Fire/Rescue and the Library System. “Rollback rate” is a misleading term. While it is supposed to mean a rate that generates the same amount of tax revenue as the previous year, this one actually adds $4M to the county-wide tax burden. The 2.6% increase will likely understate the change to a homestead property held for some time, since the valuation may still not have caught up to the market value under the “Save our Homes” statute. Check the “TRIM Notice” that you should have received by now and look at the county tax line to see what it means to you.
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9/6/11 -- Florida TaxWatch Report on County Reserves, Debt, and Property Utilization
At the request of the Palm Beach Civic Association, the Palm Beach County Taxpayer Action Board, and the Town of Palm Beach County Budget Task Force, Florida TaxWatch conducted a study of several aspects of Palm Beach County Finances.
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