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Re: No Increase in Palm Beach County Taxes

The Palm Beach Civic Association urges the Palm Beach County Commissioners to hold the line on taxes with no tax millage rate increase for the upcoming budget year of 2012. 

County government is placing great stress on its residents, especially those of us with homestead property.  We have endured net tax increases of over 25% in the past two years alone.  We do not subscribe to the oft quoted phrase: “It’s just a little bit of a tax increase.”  That may be true for some, but it certainly doesn’t apply to all.  Enough is enough. 

This year, Commissioners must do whatever it takes to keep the millage rate at the current level of 4.75.  They should insist that the County Administrator and the Sheriff toe the line by cutting expenditures that do not affect critical services.

We note that recent changes to the Florida pension system have resulted in an estimated savings of $36 million for Palm Beach County and the Sheriff.  This windfall should make it much easier to balance the budget without raising taxes. 

These days, governments everywhere are cutting back and taking painful but necessary steps to reduce spending.  We call on our elected officials to relieve County residents of an added tax burden in 2012.  We need a new era of fiscal restraint in Palm Beach County. 

Bob Wright

Bob Wright, Chairman and CEO

Pat Cooper

J. Patterson Cooper, Treasurer

John J Borland

John J. Borland, Tax and Finance Committee
Palm Beach Civic Association