West Palm Beach and Business Development Board launched a campaign Friday to brand a large swath of downtown as The Flagler Financial District, a bid to lure hedge funds and other financial firms from the chilly Northeast.

Along with the geographic designation comes a new website, www.flaglerfinancialdistrict.com, boasting of the city’s amenities and an ad campaign set to hit Tri-state trade publications from December through April.

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Flagler Financial District map

From the Flagler Financial District Website:

The top reasons to choose one of America’s top business and financial Districts.

As a dedicated District within one of America’s great cities, the Flagler Financial District offers a number of reasons for you to consider it as the next address for your business or financial enterprise. Here are just a few:

Flagler Financial District advantages:

One of America’s truly dedicated urban Districts exclusively devoted to business and financial enterprise.

The District offers a variety of office space and amenities that combine to support the District’s businesses and provide the perfect location for corporate and financial success.

The District lies in the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida, the vibrant urban business and governmental center of the Palm Beach region.

The District is surrounded by exceptional restaurants and client entertainment venues and is served by exceptional regional and international travel and transit such as passenger rail, port and international airport.

The area offers some of the nation’s lowest costs of doing business, including no state income tax.

The City offers custom, executive assistance in relocation consideration and related issues, including District and area tours, business contacts and regulatory fast tracking.

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