Memorial Day

> Happy Memorial Day from the Civic Association

> Port of Palm Beach Expansion

- Congresswoman Lois Frankel Speech on the floor of the House of Representatives about the Port of Palm Beach expansion and that she will not support federal funding unless there is community consensus on the project.

- Florida port expansion gets boost in Congress

> Landmarks approves Memorial Fountain, Memorial Park plans

> Flagler Bridge News

> Sheriff Bradshaw talks flotillas safety at Peanut Island

> Civic Association DIRECTORS IN THE NEWS

- Cancer center receives $100 million from civic Association Director Henry, Marie-Josee Kravis

- Civic Association Director Wilbur Ross Receives Medal of Honor from St. Geroge Society


> Town Traffic Web-Cameras Now “Live”

> Town Council to Appoint "Architect" Member to the Architectural Commission


- NOAA forecast calls for up to 13 named storms, six hurricanes

- Town: Evacuate during major storm

> Parking, patio work ahead for Par 3 Clubhouse

> Town to assess more than 20 owners cost of sea-wall repair

> Turtle Tuesdays: June 10 - October 14