Alcohol on Peanut IslandFamily fun is a sight Palm Beach County Parks officials want to see more of on Peanut Island. They say on the weekends, Peanut Island is known to have more of a party atmosphere.

"It's a little crazy," Andrea Palam said. "I don't appreciate it now that I'm older, but I'm sure it's fun for the young ones." Garrett Wiggs and his friends like to party on the island. He isn't happy to see signs being put up though that state on May 18, alcohol is banned from the island.

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Will a New Alcohol Ban Tame the Boats-and-Booze Party at Peanut Island?

On any given weekend, all you have to do is take a right after stepping off the pier on this schizophrenic little island and you're suddenly in the biggest party this side of Cancun.

It's the music that hits you first - a collage of blaring dance music emitting from dozens of boats anchored just off a sandbar or in waist-deep water near the beach, many of them laced together in a flotilla to rival the Mariel boatlift.

The Black Eyed Peas provides the soundtrack as women in white bikinis, orange bikinis and bikinis without tops dance and grind and shake hips - as well as other things not fit for mention in a family newspaper.

Beers are held aloft as a pontoon boat with four DJ speakers zigzags between other boats, cranking out the song Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.

And your mind instantly flashes to a sign on the island - situated next to swaying saw grasses and verdant cabbage palms - that asks visitors to "not disturb others with loud noises, loud radios, or loud stereos (65 db max)."

Sixty-five decibels is about the sound of adult laughter.

Which is why Peanut Island's weekend madness may be about to end.

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