Palm Beach Civic Association
Citizens’ Association of Palm Beach

139 North County Road
Palm Beach, Florida 33480

November 10, 2011

Palm Beach County
Board of County Commissioners
P.O. Box 1989
West Palm Beach, Florida 33402-1989

Re: Keep Peanut Island in District 1

Dear Commissioners:

Peanut Island WebThe Palm Beach Civic Association and The Citizens’ Association of Palm Beach represent more than 6,000 residents in the Town of Palm Beach.  We live in Palm Beach County Commission Districts 1 and 7.  Together, we strongly urge you to keep Peanut Island in District 1.  This pristine recreational area is best served in the district in which it is currently located. 

There is no reason to move Peanut Island to another district.   No votes are involved; no citizens gained or lost; no minorities affected.  Any attempt to change the current representation would be purely political.  

Peanut Island must remain in District 1 because District 1 is a coastal district.  District 1 includes all northern Palm Beach County shoreline, the Palm Beach inlet, Palm Beach Shores, and the north end of the Town of Palm Beach.   These areas share similar marine issues and coastal concerns.  The elected official representing Peanut Island must understand how these unique aquatic areas are related to each other and how much they have in common.  He or she must be able to represent their interests as a whole.

Peanut Island must be located in District 1 because District 1 residents will be most affected by any changes to the character of Peanut Island as a passive island park.  District 1 residents deserve a strong voice in future plans for this area.  Their opinions on the development and commercialization of Peanut Island must be heard through an elected official who shares their concerns.

Bob Wright, Chairman and CEO        E. James Ryan, Chairman
Palm Beach Civic Association            The Citizens’ Association of Palm Beach