UPDATE! John Grant, on behalf of the Maritime Museum "restaurant initiative" on Peanut Island, will make a presentation to the Town of Palm Beach Town Council at the regular Town Council Meeting on Tuesday, December 14.  The presentation is "Time-Certain" at 11:00 a.m.
peanut island nature
Peanut Island Nature

The Palm Beach Civic Association is working to stop the proposed restaurant

The proposed restaurant, rumored to be 4,500 sq.ft., would be on the Maritime Museum Peanut Island site, owned by the Port of Palm Beach.  There is a well documented 10 year history of County and local government opposition to a restaurant, including the Town of Palm Beach.  The issues are: Peanut Island is intended to be a park without commercial activity; there isn't adequate sewer service, not enough reserved mainland parking with boat transportation, public safety [police and fire-rescue] capability would have to grow, increased boat traffic, more noise and alcohol consumption, no adequate boat access; and the cost to the County taxpayer could be large, especially considering that Palm Beach residents want to cut County expenses.


Palm Beach Post Editorial:
Closing time on an old idea: Peanut Island is a place for wildlife, not a restaurant.
What will it take to finally kill the idea of allowing a restaurant on Peanut Island? Palm Beach County commissioners have raised the possibility again. They should reflect on the idea's history and then scuttle it.
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peanut island
Peanut Island on left, Palm Beach on right

 Palm Beach Post: County may consider allowing a restaurant, but neighbors fear crowds
Charcoal barbecues and ice chests may no longer be the only place to cook up a real meal on Peanut Island. Palm Beach County commissioners agreed Tuesday to reconsider the idea of allowing a café on the island - reopening a controversial nine-year-long debate about the eatery.
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