Palm Beach County and the Port of Palm Beach are exploring the county taking over the Kennedy Bunker and Coast Guard Station on Peanut Island. Note: This is a developing story and a nothing is final yet.

Several areas are under review:

  • The County is developing a cost estimate to fix structural issues at the property and what the annual operating costs.would be. 
  • Cost sharing between the County and the Port.
  • The Port is creating a Roundtable Group including all the stakeholders that have an interest in the property. The Civic Association is part of that group. 

Stay tuned to this developing story.

In May of this year, the Civic Association sent a letter to the County Administrator Verdenia Baker urging the county to take over the remainder of Peanut Island, including the Kennedy Bunker and Coast Guard Station grounds:


May 25, 2017

Mrs. Verdenia Baker
Palm Beach County Administrator
301 North Olive Ave 11 th Floor
West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Re: JFK Bunker and Peanut Island

Dear Verdenia,

At the Civic Association, we are excited about the possibility of Palm Beach County taking over the JFK Bunker area on Peanut Island. We thank you for considering this opportunity and we hope you will move ahead in discussions with the Port to make it happen.

Palm Beach County has done a magnificent job managing the rest of Peanut Island. The park is a special attraction, a jewel in the crown of the greater Palm Beach County community. Unfortunately, however, the section of Peanut Island leased by the Maritime Museum has never lived up to expectations. Instead, it has been a source of problems for years.

Now that the Maritime Musetun's lease is expiring, there is an opening for the County to step in on behalf of its residents and visitors. A new contract could be negotiated that would allow the County to dramatically improve the property. Grants could be secured and funding sotu'ces identified that would generate new life in tlus scenic and historic area.

Under your leadership, Peanut Island could be established as a premier attraction in Palm Beach County. We support you in your efforts to upgrade and improve this most unique and beautiful part of our community.


Ned Barnes
Palm Beach Civic Association

Cc: The Honorable Hal Valeche, Palm Beach County Commissioner

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