Letter to the Editor About Port & Inlet Expansion

This Civic Association Letter to the Editor at the Palm Beach Daily News was published on 3/30/2014.

Port Inlet Expansion Proposal

Dear Editor:

Last Sunday, the Palm Beach Daily News story on the PUD-5 described Palm Beach as “A Town Sharply Divided.”

The Palm Beach Civic Association believes that now is the time for all Palm Beachers to stand united in opposing Port of Palm Beach and Palm Beach Inlet expansion.

The Civic Association has joined with the Florida Wildlife Federation, Center for Biological Diversity, Sierra Club, Everglades Law Center and others in strongly opposing the deepening and widening of the Palm Beach Inlet.


Recently the Port of Palm Beach has had more activity and island residents are noticing.

photo 2 w=800

The Port just signed a new long-term agreement to collect and ship scrap materials. Residents are questioning not only their new view but, what the runoff effect is to the environment, including the Manatee area nearby.

FPL Port Scrap Manatees Composite

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Manatees congregate near the warm water at FPL.  They are right next to the scrap heap and could be impacted by the runoff from the pile of waste.  The Port has tried to hide the scrap heap from view by putting containers around it; but, that doesn't stop the runoff.   There are dozens of manatees in the area because of the warm water.  [All photos take January 2014]

Manatees at Port

Near Port and FPLNearby



In addition to the increasing piles of scrap, boat bottom scraping and ship refurbishment is ongoing.  Where does all this waste go and how does it impact the waterway environment?

Yacht bottom scraping.

Yacht bottom scraping