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Proposed Inlet and Lagoon Expansion Project

Proposed Inlet and Lagoon Expansion Project

Join our campaign to oppose the Port of Palm Beach's Proposed inlet and lagoon deepening and widening project.

Please use the this draft letter, written by Civic Association Director Bobbie Lindsay and Florida Wildlife Federation President Manley Fuller, to register your objection to the proposed deepening and widening of the Palm Beach Inlet.

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March 4, 2014

Angela Dunn
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Planning Division, Environmental Branch
P.O. Box 4970
Jacksonville, Florida 32232-0019

RE:  Port of Palm Beach Expansion -- Final Integrated Feasibility Report and Impact Statement

Dear Ms. Dunn,

I am strongly opposed to the Port of Palm Beach’s proposed expansion and the Final Environmental Impact Statement prepared to justify this unnecessary project.  Widening and deepening the Palm Beach inlet and interior harbor may cause permanent, negative impacts to the environment and the communities living around the Lake Worth Lagoon.

The Final EIS has not sufficiently addressed:

• Adverse effects on recreational fishing and fish habitat.
• Unmitigated impacts to critical seagrasses and hardbottom in the project area.
• A projected 4” increase in storm surge.  When combined with even modest stages of sea level rise expected in the near-term, this could result in increased risk of flooding among communities surrounding the Lake Worth Lagoon.
• Ships coming within 100 meters of swimming areas on Peanut Island’s south-side.  Large vessel traffic in the immediate proximity of designated swimming areas stands to threaten the recreational use of our County marine park at Peanut Island and could endanger swimmers and operators of small watercraft.
• Impacts to the large population of critically endangered manatees that live, transit, and forage around the port and the inlet.  This project threatens manatees by potentially disrupting the warm water sanctuary directly adjacent to the port, and by increased vessel strikes and stress from increased numbers and calls of larger ships through their habitat.
• Significant cumulative impacts such as the planned inland port in the Everglades Agricultural Area and accompanying infrastructure.

The Port’s own analysis indicates insignificant economic benefit to the area as a result of this project.   Taking such environmental risk without receiving economic benefit when two major, deep-water ports already exist just 45 and 65 miles to the south (Port Everglades and Miami) is unwarranted and this project should be abandoned.


A Concerned Citizen