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By: Deedy Marix.

Former Town of Palm Beach Mayor Yvelyne “Deedy” Marix asked the Civic Association to publish her letter about Port Expansion.

Letter to the Editor:

I want to commend  Robert Holuba, the Chairman of the Civic  Association’s Port Committee, on his excellent Palm Beach Daily News LOCAL VOICES  letter concerning the proposed Port Expansion (June 9-12).

As I doubt he lived near the Inlet in 1960 as I did, I am hoping that you can recall a somewhat comprehensive item I wrote on that matter when another rather recent Port Expansion was being proposed.

However, very briefly… In 1960 shortly after completion of our home, on North Ocean Blvd the Port undertook an extensive deepening and widening of the Lake Worth Inlet.  We were assured as were all residents that it would involve minimal, if any blasting and have beneficial results for all.

My husband, former RAF Squadron Leader during the Battle of Britain was home bound with the Flu, but recognized only too well the explosives used in the Port Project as being heavy!

"Huge cracks in the terrazzo floor, the damage to the front porch columns and wall cracks, were nothing to those homes two or three blocks nearer to the Inlet."

The damages on the homes became apparent almost immediately, at our John Volk and solidly built home, huge cracks in the terrazzo floor, the damage to the front porch columns and wall cracks, were nothing to those homes two or three blocks nearer to the Inlet. Eventually some 11 residents, also with damage, brought the legal action needed to prove what had happened…. We got some $2000 (1960 dollars) but those nearer the Inlet received more.

That, was only the START of the trouble.

The widening and deepening of the Inlet showed clearly Mr. Holuba’s concerns are more than valid. Not only the home damage he mentioned, but his #2 concern on impact of the Ocean surge thru the larger Inlet.  It was a DISASTER.

The smaller inlet, could hold back a large surge until tide and weather conditions altered…. but the larger one immediately allowed the Inland water level to rise.  Not only does the Lake Trail flood, but the entire West Palm water front started regular flooding, (a problem for motorists needing hasty travel to Good Samaritan hospital).

He is right again as to the danger of recreational swimming, or small boating with the HUGE new ships. The number and size of the new and larger ships, will do great damage to many lifestyles, let alone endanger others, while being of benefit to the few who will be investing in this most ill conceived venture.

There are other excellent commercial ports, with Port Everglades just south, and Fort Pierce just north.  Every effort to block this expansion must be expended.

Respectfully submitted,

Yvelyne “Deedy” Marix

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